Whether you have just been pre-approved for your first home, you are moving to a new city, or looking for a vacation home Zillow is a great tool to begin you search. Zillow can give you a great overview of what is available in the areas you are interested in. That’s right– I said it– Zillow is a great tool! However, it should not be the only search tool you utilize when finding your new home. I cannot stress enough how much a Realtor can do to help make your home buying process less stressful. For starters, when you go to Zillow what do you typically use for your search?? Sure, the typical price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and maybe a few other search options- but that can lead to a TON of results! Then what? Are you going to spend hours sifting through photos and descriptions to try and find your perfect home?

As a Realtor, I have access to the MLS which gives me the ability to narrow down your search based on EXACTLY what attributes you are looking for. Zillow is a great tool, BUT you should always reach out to a Realtor and have a discussion on things that are important to you. Here at Lake of the Ozarks I know a lot of clients are looking for a home with a “gentle” lot, or maybe a lakefront condo with easy accessibility/walk in units. Those attributes are not available on sites like Zillow, and they can save you a lot of time in your search if you know that is a necessity. 

What are some other criteria that are important to you in a home search that Zillow doesn’t offer? 

If you are interested in easily accessible condos, please click the link below to view a full list of all walk in units available here at Lake of the Ozarks!